The Rivershed – An Idyllic Office On the Banks of the River Teifi

Set along the banks of the River Teifi in West Wales, this small structure is used as an office space for the organisers of the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards. It’s been designed by architecture firm, Freshwest, and London-based interior designers, B3 Designers.


The Rivershed Office - Freshwest - Wales - Exterior - Humble Homes

The property has been dubbed “The Rivershed” thanks to its lightweight form and small physical footprint. It replaces an old outhouse and is set on a plot of land between the river and a row of houses. It was it’s location that inspired the shed-like form; being set in the “backyard” of the houses.


The Rivershed Office - Freshwest - Wales - Office and Kitchenette - Humble Homes

Rather than building a standard pitched roof, they decided to invert it and create a butterfly roof. From the architects: “The building aims to challenge the conventions of alignment, to create a softer geometric form which responds not only to its internal functions as a studio, but also to the environment, especially with water and movement in mind.”


The Rivershed Office - Freshwest - Wales - Patio Doors - Humble Homes

The exterior is clad with corrugated iron, which is a reference to the nearby agricultural buildings. On the inside the office space is a mix of warm wood tones found on the floor and the back wall, and a bright white finish found on the ceiling and remaining walls.

The Rivershed Office - Freshwest - Wales - Exterior Deck and River - Humble Homes

The interior is laid out in a simple fashion. One corner of the property is dedicated to the bathrooms. In the office, a strip along the partition wall serves as a kitchenette. The rest of the space features a scattering of office furnishings – desks, chairs, storage, etc.

The Rivershed Office - Freshwest - Wales - Office Interior - Humble Homes

The best aspect of this tiny workplace is the view of the river. The designers have made it the focus of the interior by installing a series of large folding doors that lead out to a small exterior deck overlooking the river. It seems like a great spot for relaxing… or some occasional work.

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  1. From recent reports of severe flooding in the UK and dire predictions for the globally-warmed future, I would have thought the architects should have considered what happens when that precariously-close river bursts its banks. Or is the Rivershed firmly anchored to that tree?

  2. butterfly roofs are OK for environments where it rains lightly and seldom, ONLY. Is no one noticing that the large speculators are buying up water rights to property??? Please be aware that roofs go with cisterns and the water stored is useful, and in the future may be life saving.