“The Renovation of Ngamwong” Sees A Living Space Transformed

The architecture and design firm, FATTSTUDIO, were responsible for renovating this building in Bangkok, Thailand. They were contacted by a young couple who were planning to get married, but were looking to update their home before the big day.


The project has been titled “The Renovation of Ngamwong”, and was completed back in 2016. The result is a bright and airy, contemporary living space.



According to the architects description, the renovations saw the overhauling of a 968.75-square-feet (90-square-meter) space. 753.47-square-feet (70-square-meters) of this space could be found on the lower level, while the remaining 215.28-square-feet (20-square-meters) is found on the mezzanine above.



During the works, only the original wood floor was kept in the bedroom. Much of the designers’ time was spent wrangling with the octagonal mezzanine – the clients asked that it be made fit for a collection of paintings, while also providing storage space.


The difficulty of the mezzanine apparently stemmed from the space not having a style that correlated with the rest of the property. Their solution was to first introduce a series of wardrobes along the longest section of the floor plan, running from the living space to the bedroom.


They then introduced a spiral staircase, removing a linear stair in the process. The spiral staircase allowed for more room in the living room. It’s also more permeable, allowing more light to pass through to the various living spaces, and maintaining a clear view of the “display wall”, which is presumably to be used for art work.


From the architects: “Even the project has tiny area but the process of design and construction had more than two years, It had been revised more and more according to situation and adapting by new requirement from clients.”


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Photos © Ketsiree Wongwan

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