The Pod – A Small Granny Flat in Australia by Takt

This modern “granny flat” has been designed the Australia architecture firm Takt. The private getaway has been created for a family whose grandparents travel from overseas to spend the summer months together in Australia. The architects have named the small house, “The Pod”.


The Pod - Small House - Takt Studio for Architecture - Australia - Exterior - Humble Homes

The addition to the existing property provides the grandparents with an independent living space, maintaining a degree of privacy between the three generations of the family. However, it’s not like they’ve been cast out from the main home; the houses are connected to one another by a deck and covered veranda.


The Pod - Small House - Takt Studio for Architecture - Australia - Entry - Humble Homes

The entrance walkway to the Pod features a glass canopy supported by a charred timber frame. The glass continues throughout the length of the house, creating a skylight in each of the separate living areas. The front face of the house features generous amounts of fenestration, supported by a series of exterior shades to prevent the interior from overheating.


The Pod - Small House - Takt Studio for Architecture - Australia - Living Area - Humble Homes

The inside of The Pod is light and bright thanks for the large windows and skylight. It’s finished in mostly light plywood, with darker woods being used to create accents around items like the window frames. The house is surrounded by vegetation, allowing you to almost forget that you’re set in an urban environment.

The Pod - Small House - Takt Studio for Architecture - Australia - Kitchen - Humble Homes

A small but functional bedroom and bathroom are located near the entrance. Following on from this you enter the main living space, which is an open plan area that contains the kitchen along the the side wall, the dining area and the living room.

The Pod - Small House - Takt Studio for Architecture - Australia - Floor Plan - Humble Homes

Behind the living room there’s a small private balcony. There are a few elements of fun in the design too, like the Lego back splash in the kitchen, but it’s mostly intended as a functional and comfortable home for the users, something which, to me at least, it succeeds at.

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Photos: Shantanu Starick

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  1. This is lovely but it is hardly a humble home. How about some low cost alternatives for older people who don’t need a big space but want it to be accessible.