The Olive Tree House – An Experimental Tiny Home from Greece

Set on an olive grove hill, this tiny summer house has been built as a low-maintenance getaway for the owner. The project, titled The Olive Tree House, can be found in the region of Halkidiki in Sithonia, Greece.


The building was designed by local architect, Eva Sopeoglou. Sopeoglou went down an experimental route when creating the house, employing digital CAD/CAM technology.

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Completed in 2016, The Olive Tree House contains a total of 226.04-square-feet (21-square-meters) and measures 9.84-by-22.96 feet (3-by-7 meters). The house itself overlooks the sea, with Mount Athos and its famous monasteries seen beyond it.

The entire structure of the home was prefabricated and the external facade is composed of a lightweight metal that’s actually movable. This provides the owner with a degree of flexibility in forming the space. The steel envelope was perforated with a textile-like pattern inspired by the surrounding olive trees.


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The perforated shell has the effect of creating an ever changing interior environment – the rays hit the surface, producing shadows that take on different shapes over the course of a day. Aside from the funky exterior shell, the interior is a rather simple affair.

Living spaces can be extended outwards by swinging the large doors open. Furnishings can then be moved into the open allowing the occupants to soak up the surroundings. The Olive Tree House is split up into two main sections: a multi-functional room (that primarily serves as a bedroom) and a bathroom/kitchen that can be expanded to include a dining area.

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From the architect: “This building forms part of an enquiry into sustainability and the provision for human comfort in architecture, by questioning the definition of inside and outside inhabitable space.”

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Photos © Mariana Bisti, Elias Sopeoglou

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