The Life Cube: A Rapid Emergency Relief Unit

Just last week I posted about the AbleNook – a deployable emergency living unit that could be assembled in 2 hours. Today’s post features another rapid emergency response unit that can be set up in 5 minutes. 


The Life Cube

The Life Cube is described by its creators as an on-site maneuverable shipping. The study container prevents degradation mitigation of the interior components often associated with prolonged storage. It also features ‘mobility hoops’ that allow the cube to be moved by just one person, and can be air-dropped with a maximum landing velocity of 28 ft/s.


Interior of The Life Cube

The canopy which serves as a thermal barrier rests on an integrated 144 square foot, raised hard-surface platform (the walls of the container unfold to form the floor), which serves as a foundation for the unit. Once the unit is assembled it can withstand high winds (sustained 55 mph winds and 65 mph gusts) and heavy snow loads.


The Life Cube

The cube also comes with a command module which is pre-installed and configured, making the unit ready for immediate use when deployed. The power system is a 12v module with a 110v inverter which is charged by solar panels on the lid of the unit. The system also features built-in lighting, communication equipment, and cell phone chargers!

Via LifeCubeInc

Niall Burke

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