The Kite House – A Small Modern Retreat with Translucent Walls

Called the Kite House, this prefab tiny house has been designed by the Belgian architecture firm D44 led by Agnieskzka Gansiniec. The house is intended to be used as a weekend retreat and, according to the architects, it will be able to suite any landscape or backdrop it’s placed within.


Kite House - D44 Architects - Small House - Brussels - Exterior - Humble Homes

The Kite House is to be prefabricated in a factory setting before being transported to its final location. Its walls are clad almost entirely with polycarbonate sheeting, which has the effect of maintaining a bright, naturally lit interior not matter how dull the day.


Kite House - D44 Architects - Small House - Brussels - Exterior Side - Humble Homes

The design also features a large roof section that’s operable. The hinged roof will allow the occupants to open the house up further to the environment, bathing the interior in yet more light and helping to naturally ventilate the living spaces.


Kite House - D44 Architects - Small House - Brussels - Kitchen - Humble Homes

The proposed structure looks to be built from lightweight steel and sheathed in places with plywood. On the inside the first floor contains an open plan kitchen with a dining area, and a living room. The back of the house features a large sliding glass door that runs the width of the building and provides panoramic views of the surroundings.

Kite House - D44 Architects - Small House - Brussels - Cross Section - Humble Homes

The second floor, which is more of a loft, is to be used as a bedroom (although D44 have suggested it could serve as another living area). The house also comes equipped with a modest wood-burning stove that should easily keep the rooms warm on cold winter nights (although the lack of insulation might mean lead you to using it in summer too).

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