The H2 BOX – A Tiny Condo in Thailand by PODesign

Called the H2 BOX, this small condo display unit is to be used as part of a much larger project in Thailand. The condo has been designed by local architecture firm PODesign, who not only worked on the interior but also the exterior façade, which is intended to draw in possible customers.


H2 BOX - PODesign - Tiny Apartment - Thailand - Exterior - Humble Homes

Each condo occupies just 484 square feet (45 square meters). The display unit has been “floated” off of the ground level, which almost turns this particular model into a two-storey home with a parking space/garden underneath. In the finished building you would only have the main living area (a bit of a shame really).


Glass Floor Entrance - H2 BOX - PODesign - Tiny Apartment - Thailand - Humble Homes

Entry to H2 BOX is gained to the rear of the building by a short staircase, which leads up to a lobby area featuring a glass floor. The glass floor is no doubt cool, but expensive. It also has the effect of introducing lots of indirect sunlight to the lobby.


H2 BOX - PODesign - Tiny Apartment - Thailand - Seating and Bedroom - Humble Homes

The main body of the home is really quite compact. It contains a decent-sized bathroom set next to the entry door, alongside a short galley kitchen. The kitchen flows into a narrow living area with a TV/entertain unit at one end and a couch on the other.

H2 BOX - PODesign - Tiny Apartment - Thailand - Bedroom - Humble Homes

The most generously proportioned room in the home is the bedroom, but even it’s not particularly large. There’s just enough space for the bed, a few bedside tables, and a closet. A small section of the bedroom has been cut out to create a compact exterior terrace.

H2 BOX - PODesign - Tiny Apartment - Thailand - Floor Plan- Humble Homes

The interior has been finished in neutral colors. Materials like glass and mirrors are used to help maintain a sense of spaciousness despite its small and divided floor plan. I think the layout could have been “re-jigged” to create more functional, seemingly larger home, but I do like their use of glass partitions.

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  1. thumbs down on this one. Just because you can (glass floor) doesn’t mean you should. And the king sized bed is just kinda silly next to that squeezed-in love seat…. strange.