The Escape Pod is a Cedar-Clad Acorn-Shaped Retreat by Podmakers Ltd

This unique retreat has been described by its designers as an “elliptical, organic, rotating pod”. The pods are intended to serve a variety of uses, from a garden office to a simple snug.


They’ve been thought-up by Podmakers Ltd, a company based in Gloucester, England. Podmakers specialize in the design and build of these unusual getaways, making use of modern technology to create their curved form.



The model shown, dubbed The Escape Pod, was completed in 2017, and has a footprint of just 75.35-square-feet (7-square-meters). The project has been lead by architects Jeremy Fitter, and Dominic Ash. Together, they’ve produced a retreat that’s organic in aesthetic by taking advantage of technologies such as CNC milling.



Thanks to its form and finish, the Escape Pod is able to settle in among the backdrop of the countryside, a quirky oddity that resembles a giant acorn. From Podmakers: “Designed and crafted in the Gloucestershire countryside, the Escape Pod was born out of a desire to create a beautiful, striking outdoor structure… One that nestles into its environment.”


The structure is made of birch plywood. Birch is a strong wood that’s also aesthetically pleasing, so much so, that they left a portion of the ribs exposed on the inside of the pod. On the outside, they’ve made use of cedar shingles, the most common type of wood used for cladding, thanks to its durability.


From the designers: “The organic nature of the Escape Pod’s materials contrasts with the engineering employed in its design. Amongst its most impressive features is an aircraft-style plug door with a unique wooden hinge mechanism. The pod sits on a raised platform half a meter from the ground which allows it to be rotated.”


So, you can always point your retreat to take advantage of the best view available (or, when you simply get tired of the current one). Podmakers also tout the ability to customize each pod to the clients requirements, from window placement, internal finishes and fittings. Prices for the Escape Pod starts at £19,800 ($26,700 USD).


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Photos © Tim Brotherton, India Ash

Niall Burke

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