The Enchanted Shed – A 1930s Outhouse Turned Writing Studio and Guest House

This outhouse, originally built in the 1930’s, has received a new lease of life thanks to its owners. Over the years the shed had fallen into a dilapidated state. That is, until the family that lives there now, decided to transform it into a living space.


To make their ideas a reality they enlisted the help of Sue Architekten. Now the shed functions as a writing studio, a playhouse for their children and as a guest room.



The project has been dubbed The Enchanted Shed and can be found in the Vienna Woods, not far from the town of Eichgraben. Outhouses are a common sight in Vienna. Traditionally they were used to: “store wood, raise rabbits or boil laundry, which was then hung up to dry in the attic.”



Over time the need for outhouses diminished and many have fallen into disrepair. The Enchanted Shed showcases the potential of these often abandoned structures. It features a 323 square foot plan (30 square meters) with the first floor acting as a storage space for gardening tools, while the upper level acts as a muilti-functional living area.


The upper level is accessed through a brass floor hatch. It leads into a bright light-filled room, finished with timber slats and wood flooring. One gable end has been completely removed to make way for a large window that looks out on the immediate forest surroundings.


The end of the room, towards the windowed-wall, acts as a spot for reading and writing. It’s kitted out with a desk, a seat and an armchair. The other end of the room features a storage unit that’s topped with a mattress for guests. The storage is used to hide-away the children’s toys, keeping The Enchanted Shed distraction free.

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Photos: Andreas Buchberger

Niall Burke

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  1. Hah, where I live an outhouse is another name for a dunny or outside toilet. Somehow I don’t think that used to be one of those in its past life.