The Bird’s Nest: An Organic Treehouse

If you’re into tiny houses perhaps there’s a small place in your heart for treehouses too. The Tree Hotel in Sweden features a variety of treehouses, most of which aren’t exactly what you’d expect when you think of a treehouse, but they are interesting, cosy little hideaways.


One of my favourites is the ‘Bird’s Nest’. It’s a cylindrical structure clad with fallen branches, giving it a natural, organic appearance amongst the surroundings.

The Bird's Nest Treehouse


The Bird's Nest Treehouse

The Bird’s Nest rests 20 foot above the level of the forest floor, and can be accessed by a retractable ladder. The structure itself is approximately 13 foot tall and has a 20 foot diameter – pretty large compared to the treehouses you built in your back garden when you were a kid.


The Bird's Nest Treehouse

The sides of the Nest feature small porthole windows which allow views to the outside (slightly obscured views due to the branch cladding) and are practically invisible during the day.

The interior of the treehouse has separate bedrooms (double bed, and bunkbeds), bathroom and a living area. If you’re looking for a relaxing, unique holiday this is probably the place to go, but it comes at a price – renting a room will cost you around 4400 SEK a night, that’s about $675.

Via Tree Hotel

Niall Burke

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