Terrace House Gets Revamped by Zminkowska De Boise

This project by Zminkowska De Boise Architects involved the revamping of a terraced Edwardian house in London. A number of alterations were made to make the narrow, deep floor plan more liveable for a couple with young children.


Small House - Zminkowska de Boise Architects - London - Living Room - Humble Homes

The house, set in the Muswell Hill Conservation Area, is a two storey building however the works were only carried out on the ground floor. The rebuild involved knocking down walls which originally partitioned the space, and introducing openings to any that remain. Now, it has sight lines running from the front to the very back of the house.


Small House - Zminkowska de Boise Architects - London - Work Station - Humble Homes

The overall effect creates the impression of a much larger area. It’s a light, bright home thanks to the windows that have been introduced along the house’s length. Aiding this atmosphere are the white walls, and furnishings.


Small House - Zminkowska de Boise Architects - London - Reading Nook - Humble Homes

To prevent the white finish from becoming overpowering, and to create a continuous space, lacquered herringbone oak parquet flooring has been laid throughout. Toward the front of the home, you’ll find the living room, followed by a snug room that contains a desk, chair and a reading nook. A difference in floor levels helps to define the living areas.

Small House - Zminkowska de Boise Architects - London - Kitchen - Humble Homes

The other end of the home is occupied by the kitchen and dining area. The series of steps that lead between the living room and snug also serve as storage. The space beneath the treads can be used to store books and other small articles. The treads themselves cleverly continue into the adjacent cabinet, melding into the shelving.

Small House - Zminkowska de Boise Architects - London - Floor Plan - Humble Homes

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Photos: Tom Cronin

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  1. All very well, but we don’t see what happened to the bedrooms… I’m assuming they are upstairs but nothing actually shows this. Shame about that.

  2. what is the point of the dropped floor from Lv room to what was formerly dinning and now “snug”? Beyond the obvious leg breaking aspect and the reduced headroom in the basement……. What is the advantage of these alterations? also there appears to be some difference in floor levels in the kitchen. perhaps this is an aberration of the lighting???? I can find no reason to admire these changes.