Tailored Design Lab Use a “Draped Wall” To Filter Views and Create Rooms

This renovation project from Japan saw the redesign of an apartment unit that dates back to the late 1990s. The unit isn’t all that old, however the interior’s dated look and feel prompted the new owners to seek help with an overhaul.


The clients enlisted the help of a local firm called Tailored Design Lab. With their help, the couple were able to create their dream home.



The property is located in the district of Minami-Ikebukuro in Tokyo. Life in Tokyo is as hectic and stressful as any other major city, and it was the stress which the couple wanted to address. They wanted to create a relaxing base that would help them recover after a days work.



The property also had to accommodate children, as the owners intend to start a family in the near future. Tasked with these two deceptively simple requests, Tailored Design Lab set about producing a new layout. They have about 786-square-feet (73
-square-meters) to work with, a relatively large space given the location.


The unit features windows facing south, north and east. They decided to take advantage of the cityscape views, which feature Mount Fuji in the backdrop. A “draped” wall was introduced, which encapsulates the central corridor and leads directly to the living room/dining room.


Various rooms splinter off from the draped wall. The future children’s room and bathroom are found closest to the entrance. A small work space has been carved out of an alcove, and the parents bedroom doubles as a Japanese room. A galley kitchen is sandwiched between the draped wall and the structural perimeter walls of the apartment.


The draped wall allows the designers to hide and show features of the property. For example, the sash, beams and air conditioner can all be hidden from sight, while the exterior views can be captured. From the designers: “For a busy working couple, this space where you can always feel each other while having your own time and space will enrich their new life in central Tokyo.”


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Photos © Yuji Nishijima

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  1. I’ve been in places with these so called draped walls… hate them with a passion. You get drafts all the time… even with all the doors shut… it’s caused by people moving around inside and the drapes just move enough to feel freaky.

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