Tab House by Takanori Ineyama is Designed to Ease Migration

Moving from one home to another is never easy, and it can be all the more difficult when moving to a new, unfamiliar place. This house from the region of Yamanashi in Japan, has been built to help the owners through the transition.


The clients are a young couple who decided to up sticks and leave Tokyo for the town of Hokuto-shi. The house, dubbed Tab House, was designed by local studio Takanori Ineyama Architects.


Completed in 2017, the house contains a total area of 791.15-square-feet (73.5-square-meters) spread over it’s two floors. The home is rather humble in appearance – there are no grandiose features or flashy finishes. Instead, they’ve opted for a simple, and effective design.


The exterior is glad with black metal sheeting, creating a durable exterior capable of withstanding the regions cold winters. There are also a few decks and a balcony that allow the owners to take advantage of outdoor living during the summer months.

The interior is a wooden wonderland. The floors, ceiling and most of the walls are covered with wood in some form or another. The timber rafters have been left exposed, as have the wall studs in places. The studs have been infilled with timber horizontally at regular intervals, creating an expanse of shelving.

Tab House is largely composed of a single main room. It contains the kitchen, dining room, living room and a Japanese room. The smaller areas that are partitioned off contain the home’s toilet, bathroom and washroom. The upper floor features the Tab House’s quieter spaces, like the bedrooms and a study.

From the architect: “Since I started living here, I got vegetables from people in the area [and] got advice on landscaping and I got an exchange with the area via “Margin space”. I believe that this house will contribute even a little to overcome the hurdle of migration.

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Photos © Koich Torimura

Niall Burke

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