Studio Bazzi Overhaul a Compact Apartment to Take Advantage of Small Space Design

This fresh-faced apartment can be found in the bustling city of Moscow in Russia. The compact apartment was overhauled by a local firm called Studio Bazi.


Bazi, in collaboration with the client, set about restructuring the apartments layout, focusing on providing a functional, efficient space.



The project was completed in 2017 and has been titled “33m² Flat”. As you might have guessed, the property contains a total of 355.21-square-feet, or 33-square-meters, to play with. The work has been carried out for the owner, a single man who wanted to modernize the property.



The apartment was sectioned up into blocks which would then serve a specific function. Given its small footprint, it was necessary to come up with a few space-saving ideas in order to make the most of the small home. For starters, the main level has been left almost entirely open.


With little or not partition walls, light is allowed to travel the length of the home. The apartment itself is graced with windows at both gable ends, providing no shortage of natural light, or views. Capitalizing on space, storage units have been incorporated into the awkward under-stair area.


The kitchen, which is found in the middle of the home, has been contained in a small hide-away segment. Closet doors can be pulled to hide it and other amenities from view. A compact bathroom can be found opposite the kitchen. It doesn’t contain the home’s toilet, but it is kitted out with a walk-in shower and sink.


The living room and bedroom are found at opposite ends of the apartment. The living room features a large bookcase/desk setup, along with a table and a few collapsible chairs. The bedroom has been left mostly free from furniture and storage, and is entirely only to the rest of the home.


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Photos © Polina Poludkina

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