Storage Ideas For Small Kitchens

Yesterday we featured an all-in-one kitchen, but what if it’s not suitable for you or your needs? What other options are there for owners of tiny and small kitchens. Today we’ll be looking at several clever storage solutions that will maximise the functionality of your kitchen!


Storage for Small Kitchens

The shaker style kitchen pictured above has wall cabinets hung from dowel rods – this could be a great idea for you if you intend on changing different aspects of your kitchen over time.


Storage for Small Kitchens Storage for Small Kitchens

Sometimes there just isn’t enough space in the fridge for everything, so why not store some food in drawers, as seen in the pictures above. You can store what you intend to eat within a few days in the drawers, leaving more room in your fridge for perishable items.

Storage for Small Kitchens


Use up all those nooks and crannies by utilising the space which is usually occupied by the cabinet kicker. Install shelves at appropriate intervals for your needs, and seeing as quite often there is unused space between the cabinet door and it’s contents, why not take advantage of it and hang some interior storage shelves, as seen above.

Small Kitchen Storage

One of my favourite small space solutions. If you don’t have space for a drainer, you can always remove the base of your wall cabinet, install a simple dish rack, and hey presto you now have a storage cabinet that doubles as a drainer.

Storage for Small Kitchens

When floor space is at a premium, vertical wall storage  becomes your greatest asset (in terms of space anyway). So whether you decide to install a floor-to-ceiling pantry, or some simple storage for your utensils, make the most of your vertical wall space! And while your at it, why not recycle products and give your home some quirky character as seen in the picture above.

You could also include a customised sink drawer, or baskets which can be removed and placed elsewhere if needs be. Your options are only limited by your creativity.

Niall Burke

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