Stargazing Dome-Tents in Chile

The Elqui Domos is the only astronomic hotel in the southern hemisphere. Sited amongst Chile’s Andes Mountains, it takes full advantage of its prime stargazing location with dome-shaped tents, observatories, and night-time horseback riding. The mild temperatures, clear skies and most importantly, the lack of light pollution create ideal conditions for viewing the night sky.


Elqui Domos has seven 4-person geodesic dome-tents which feature large skylights allowing you to sleep under the stars. The hotel also has 4 cabins with angled windows designed for star gazing, and compared to the tents, are quite a bit more luxurious.



It’s hillside location allows the hotel to take advantage of views from both the sky as well as the surrounding mountains and valleys.

The observatory cabins, designed by Santiago-based RDM Arquitecture, feature 3-levels and each cabin comes with its own roof terrace that functions as the main living space, and telescopes to aid in your nightly viewing.

Lodgings at the Elqui Domos start at $150 per night.

Via Dornob

Niall Burke

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