Stardust – A Unique Rental in the Scottish Highlands

If you’ve ever wanted a vacation among the Highlands of Scotland, look no further than Stardust. Located on Loch Ewe, Scotland, Stardust is a collection of unusual spaces and accommodation, with a boathouse, shepherd’s hut and a large winter hut.


Stardust - A Unique Rental in the Scottish Highlands

The boathouse has been transformed into a luxurious cottage with picturesque views of the surroundings landscape. The house has been furnished with both traditional and modern pieces, creating a warm, and comfortable interior.


Stardust - A Unique Rental in the Scottish Highlands

The main living area contains a bedroom nook that’s separated from the rest of the room with a simple stud wall and drapes. The remainder of the room acts as a living room, with armchairs, a built-in and free-standing sofa and a wood burning stove.


Stardust - A Unique Rental in the Scottish Highlands

You’ll also find a luxurious modern bathroom in the converted boathouse. It features LED lighting around a freestanding tub, retro wall art, marine-themed tchotchkes, and elements of wood that reinforce its rustic decor.

Stardust - A Unique Rental in the Scottish Highlands

The kitchen seems to be located in the shepherd’s hut, a traditional shelter that was used by farmers in the 19th and 20th century during sheep raising and lambing.

Stardust - A Unique Rental in the Scottish Highlands

The interior is very kitschy, and as Tredir says, it’s a case of organized chaos within a 50’s setting. The front end of the hut contains the kitchen, and the rear contains a dedicated dining area.

Stardust - A Unique Rental in the Scottish Highlands

And as if all that wasn’t enough to preoccupy you, you can always take a dip in the hot tub, make use of the BBQ pit, or chill out in the winter hut (next to it’s fire pit). Perhaps the best thing to do is simply soak in the amazing surroundings.

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Niall Burke

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  1. Hey Em – the name originally came from the tiny house plans we design and sell, but over time I started to feature other peoples work, some of which isn’t humble at all, but it’s usually related to small spaces in some way. Perhaps a name change is due!

  2. Hello.Do we contact you about renting.Your place is lovely.Pat Cafiero, Williamsburg, Va USA

  3. I am interested in a holiday with family of four. 7 to 10 days. Is this possible in one of your humble homes?

    1. Hi Renee and Kelly, tiny houses are often used as holiday homes for families (here’s an example right here: The stock tiny house plans we have available are a good first touch down for determining what you need, and how to create it. However a lot of people go on to make customizations to the designs to ensure the house meets their specific needs. Feel free to drop me an email any time with any questions you have, you can reach me at:

  4. I adore the boat house in Loch Ewe. It has the atmosphere of country. I’m very interested in finding a 1 level tiny house with an old fashioned or ancestral stone look.
    I’m moving in about a year, or sooner.
    Do you have and tiny house that I could rent on a yearly basis? If it’s located in a small town where I could find a job (medical, customer service), would be great.
    If I adore the house I would consider buying it in the not too distant future. Or, I would have you build a tiny house for me.