Southern Highlands House by Ben + Penna Architects

This modern home office has been created for Kerry Schott and Lindie Clark in a rural location three hours south of Sydney. Designed by Benn & Penna Architects, the office is one of three free-standing pavilions. Each of the pavilions serves a different function – there’s one for sleeping, living and working.


Southern Highlands House - Ben + Penna Architecture - Small Office - Humble Homes

The separate buildings and their uses are intended to reflect a harmonious balance in the daily routine of the owner. The latest addition comes in the form of a sleek curved home office, called the Southern Highlands House. Like the already existing buildings, the Southern Highlands House is clad in metal sheeting.


Southern Highlands House - Ben + Penna Architecture - Small Office  - Wood Stove - Humble Homes

On approaching the site, you’d be forgiven for mistaking the house for a small farm. The metal cladding and shape of the pavilions creates an agricultural aesthetic, a reflection of the rural location. The house is actually built in a fire-prone area, and so the architects determined that metal cladding would be the suitable due to its ability to resist the high temperatures associated with the local climate.


Southern Highlands House - Ben + Penna Architecture - Small Office - Storage - Humble Homes

The interior of the home office is rather minimal in design. It contains a wood-burning stove to keep the space warm during the cooler winter months. One end of the office features a large wall shelf/storage unit that follows the curve of the building.

Southern Highlands House - Ben + Penna Architecture - Small Office - Shelving - Humble Homes

Southern Highlands House - Ben + Penna Architecture - Small Office - Exterior Night - Humble Homes

A concrete floor helps keep the interior cool during the day, and releasing it at night when the temperatures drop. The only furniture is a comfy-looking chair and footstool, along with a small side table. The lack of an actual workstation makes me think that the space currently functions as a retreat or getaway.

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Photos: Tom Ferguson

Niall Burke

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  1. NIce, clean lines.

    It appears, however, that the only way to “actually own one’s home” or in this case “tiny home” is to build it on a trailer to circumvent paying taxes one’s whole life.

    If one were to build a tiny home, and pay $150 a month on someone’s property…that would be drastically cheaper than paying the typical US costs for TAXES of between $2000-10000 yearly.

    The US is dying…let’s face it…TINY HOUSES are the way to go…Everyone should start looking into a possible paradigm change and living smaller and more sustainably.