Sorte Hus – An Affordable Small House in Denmark

Sigurd Larsen, a Danish architect, has designed this small family house to be built on a budget of $144,769 (£95,000). Set in Copenhagen, the house is a prototype for low-cost housing in the capital. Larsen, who is based in Berlin, has dubbed it the Sorte Hus, which translates as Black House.


Low Cost Small House - Sigurd Larsen - Copenhagen - Exterior - Humble Homes

The house is 861 square feet in size (80 square meters), and has been designed to cater for a young family of three. The house costs approximately $182 per square foot (or about £1,200 per square meter). According to the Larsen, that’s about the cheapest you’ll find in Denmark: “To get it cheaper in Denmark is close to impossible.”


Low Cost Small House - Sigurd Larsen - Copenhagen - Living Area - Humble Homes

The building is constructed of prefabricated components and materials to minimize costs. The floor is concrete, allowing them to take advantage of passive heating and cooling. The structure itself is composed of a lightweight wooden frame that was built during the winter months and installed in the summer.


Low Cost Small House - Sigurd Larsen - Copenhagen - Kitchen and Living Room - Humble Homes

Sorte Hus features a basic rectangular plan and the building area is the maximum permitted by the local planning department. The exterior has been finished with black-painted timber cladding that leads up to a shallow gable roof. The rear of the house takes advantage of its enclosed lot, and features windows along its length.

Low Cost Small House - Sigurd Larsen - Copenhagen - Exterior Night - Humble Homes

The interior is split into two main sections; the open and public living areas, and the more private and enclosed bedrooms. The living area contains a kitchen, dining area, and living room. The kitchen contains a smart island that doubles as seating for the dining table.

Low Cost Small House - Sigurd Larsen - Copenhagen - Floor Plan - Humble Homes

There are three equally-sized bedrooms, with a small bathroom sandwiched in between two of them. The immediate area surrounding the house features a large deck and garden space. Unlike the exterior, the interior is a bright, light space thanks the glazing and white-wall finish. Larsen is currently working with another family in the city to produce a similarly cost-effective home.

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