Small Swedish Apartment Exudes Class & Charm

This 470 square foot apartment from Gothenburd, Sweden, dates back to the early 19th century. The interior has gone through a major overhaul to create a warm and welcoming home, while still maintaining it’s original character.


Small Swedish Apartment in Gothenburg

Despite it’s relatively small size, the apartment feels spacious and airy thanks to its tall ceiling and open-plan living space. The only area that isn’t open to the rest of the home is the bathroom. Other than that, each of the living spaces run into one another, with the only real partition between them being the actual structure of the building.


Small Swedish Apartment in Gothenburg

The apartment contains a hallway, kitchen and dining area, living room, bathroom, a small study space and a sleeping loft with a wardrobe below. The bedroom in most homes are typically private spaces, in this case raising the sleeping area helps to create that sense of privacy. It also avoids having to partition off another room within the otherwise open-plan apartment.


Small Swedish Apartment in Gothenburg

In the kitchen the designers have taken advantage of the ceiling height by installing two sets of wall cabinets, providing extra storage space for less used items. The dark floors and red brick walls are counteracted by the light color palette, and despite their being only two windows, the apartment looks bright throughout, thanks to the open living spaces and artificial lighting.

Small Swedish Apartment in Gothenburg

While I personally might have divided up the space a bit differently (I would have sacrificed some of the living room for a larger bathroom), it depends on the priorities of the owners. Obviously in this case, the bathroom and sleeping area were not as crucial as the living/dining areas. As Freshome puts it: “this crib exhibits an undefined charm and balance.

Small Swedish Apartment in Gothenburg

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