A Small and Stylish Apartment in Barcelona by Sergi Pons

This small and stylish apartment is set in Les Corts, a neighbourhood in Barcelona city. The apartment was renovated in 2014 with the design work being carried out by Sergi Pons. Their aim was to transform the apartment into a habitable space for Yuna, the client.


Les Corts - Apartment Renovation - Sergi Pons - Barcelona - Spain - Kitchen - Humble Homes

Prior to reconstruction the living space was separated by a cluster of partition walls that formed the rooms and hallways of the home. Sergi Pons decided to remove these partitions to free up the space, and to create a single open plan volume where the rooms are less well defined and flow into one another.


Les Corts - Apartment Renovation - Sergi Pons - Barcelona - Spain - Living Room - Humble Homes

Other aspects like the traditional wood beams and stone features were celebrated and left as they are, maintaining a sense of history. The center contains a “pure white and geometrical cube” which serves as a space for the kitchen and bathroom.


Les Corts - Apartment Renovation - Sergi Pons - Barcelona - Spain - Bathroom - Humble Homes

The owner of the apartment, Yuna, is originally from Japan but decided to settle Spain. The contemporary finish isn’t a world away from modern Japanese architecture. The simple no-nonsense interior, exposed natural building materials and bright-white furnishings help to create a bright, comfortable and spacious environment.

Les Corts - Apartment Renovation - Sergi Pons - Barcelona - Spain - Bedroom - Humble Homes

Upon entering the home you’ll be flanked with the main living area, a small dining area, and the homes kitchen which features a breakfast bar. There also appears to be a small study that’s separated from the living area by a privacy curtain.

Les Corts - Apartment Renovation - Sergi Pons - Barcelona - Spain - Floor Plan - Humble Homes

Travelling beyond the kitchen takes you to the more private areas of the home. The bathroom contains a full bath/shower, toilet and sink. The bath itself looks on through to the bedroom next door. A large storage closet faces the bed, and a rather generous sheltered balcony is accessed via the sliding glass doors.

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Photos: Adrià Goula

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