A Small Modern Winter Cabin by MC2 Arquitectos

This small winter cabin is set among the Araucarias and Oak trees of a forest in the ski resort of Corralco, Chile. The cabin is just 48 square meters (516 square feet) in size, and is intended to be used not only as a winter retreat but also as place for observing nature.


Winter Cabin - Malalcahuello - MC2 Arquitectos - Humble Homes

The architecture firm MC2 Arquitectos were responsible for the design of the retreat, and wanted to create a functional space that would have a minimal impact on the surrounding environment. The structure takes the form of an inclined prism and is oriented northwards, pointing in the direction of a small waterfall.


Winter Cabin - Malalcahuello - MC2 Arquitectos - Humble Homes

A series of floor-to-ceiling windows on the north face of the building provides an uninterrupted panoramic view of the forest landscape. Several other small windows have been strategically placed to frame specific views while also allowing for natural ventilation.


Winter Cabin - Malalcahuello - MC2 Arquitectos - Humble Homes

The interior is clad with a light wood siding (beached pine), and has been designed as one open space that’s broken up by the different functional areas of the home (like the kitchen and dining area). The entire retreat is heated by a single wood burning stove in the living area. A large shelving unit supports a lofted sleeping area. Based on the cross-section detail, it appears that a second sleeping area can be found below lofted sleeping area.

Winter Cabin - Malalcahuello - MC2 Arquitectos - Humble Homes

The exterior of the cabin has been painted a dark brown in an attempt to help it blend in with the landscape. Due to the heavy snowfall the area receives, up to 1 meter in thickness (about 3 feet), it was necessary to create an elevated wooden path to access the cabin.

Winter Cabin - Malalcahuello - MC2 Arquitectos - Humble Homes

From the architect: “Outside is painted in dark brown, blending with the landscape, trying to disappear. The interior is a single space, generous considering its actual size, clear and warm, bleached pine wood. The place to sleep [is] resolved in separate attics, content and isolated, thus freeing the first plan for daytime activities.”

Winter Cabin - Malalcahuello - MC2 Arquitectos - Humble Homes

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Photos: MC2 Arquitectos

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  1. It’s really well thought out. I assume there is a compost toilet somewhere… LOVE the large window in the waterfall over look.

  2. This is definitely my new favorite. I think I might have put a bathroom under the bunk area behind the shelving unit though.

  3. Not sure where the toilet is Margaret – I don’t remember seeing it any of the plan drawings!

    Robin – that’s where I originally thought the bathroom for this cabin was, but apparently not. If I was to build something like this, I’d definitely have the bathroom under the sleeping loft.

  4. I also like the big window and how “open” it is, but, DOES it open? What about fresh air?

  5. Cyn – Good question! To me, it doesn’t look like the large main window is operable. I imagine the smaller windows can be opened though to allow for ventilation.

  6. Just a crying shame that the UK and Scotland in particular has not taken to this form of housing as I’m simply not able to source any interest or support really here, really sad