A Small Modern Home For A Family In Sweden

This small cottage-style house has been designed by LLP Arkitekkontor for a young family in Sweden. The house meets the clients requirements (both in terms of function and budget), while also fusing design with liveability.


Small House in Sweden by LLP Arkitektkontor

The compact house (measuring just 667 square feet) is set on a relatively isolated open plot, that’s shielded from its neighbours by vegetation. The designers have attempted to create a building that’s sympathetic to its surroundings. The exterior features vertical worn wood cladding, and a simple roof clad with metal sheeting.


Small House in Sweden by LLP Arkitektkontor

Due to the privacy provided by trees and shrubs on the rear of the property, the designers decided to “open up” the home. The rear wall is taken up almost entirely by window and door openings, flooding the internal space with sunlight.


Small House in Sweden by LLP Arkitektkontor

From the architect: “The summerhouse is located along an old county side road going inland from Katthamarsvik on Gotlands eastern coast. The site borders the road to the south and heath like pastures to the north. The very small house is kept low and has been placed in the middle of the site, with a garden with some fruit trees facing the road and a private side facing the heath.”

Small House in Sweden by LLP Arkitektkontor

“The entrance to the road is withdrawn under a roof of corrugated polycarbonate greenhouse panels. To the north a series of window doors. At the entrance it is possible to look right through the building from north to south.”

Small House in Sweden by LLP Arkitektkontor

On the inside you’ll find a comfortable modern home, featuring bright, but please accents of colour against the white background. The main living area takes up almost two thirds of the available space and contains the living room, kitchen and dining area. The main living area also flows directly into a small bedroom (presumably for the children) with bunk beds. The other areas of the house contain another two bedrooms and a bathroom.

Small House in Sweden by LLP Arkitektkontor

A simple but effective small house; there are no luxurious or unnecessary spaces here (like home cinemas). Instead the designers have provided a home that is specific to the needs of the owners, contains all the amenities of modern life and accomplished it all on a modest budget.

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Photos: Robin Hayes

Niall Burke

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  1. Anyone know where the fur-covered chair in the middle of the living room is from?


  2. I found a chair and think this is the one you are looking for

    searched with chair – wood- sweden -1960

    Bent Wood Chair
    by Bruno Matthsonn


  3. Matt I am fairly sure that the chair was designed by Bruno Mathsson. during the 1940’s and originally manufactured by his father’s firm. Not sure if it is still produced nor who might me distributing it.

  4. Thanks for the reply. I suppose I can have some made. Do you know the dimensions? I could probably figure them out fairly close. It’s a sweet design and I’m looking for something to build near the ocean in Nova Scotia. It would suit our woodlot.

    Thanks, Ken

  5. I love the simplicity of the Scandinavian style. I would love to live in a home like this with my two children.