A Small Countryside Retreat in Spain by Modulo12

Designed by the Spanish architecture studio, Modulo 12 Architects, this small house has been created for a young family. Tired of the traffic, noise, pollution and other issues prevalent in cities, they decided they needed a place to escape to, and invest in a countryside retreat.


 House - Small House - Modulo 12 Architects - Spain - Exterior - Humble Homes

With family ties to the location, they settled in Gijón, a quiet rural area with fantastic views of the landscape. The house itself is intended to facilitate the transition from city-to-country life. After wrangling with the local council over the design of the home, permission was granted for the build.


 House - Small House - Modulo 12 Architects - Spain - Living Area -Humble Homes

At 807 square feet (75 square meters) it’s a small, cosy family home. The building is simplistic in design both inside and out. The main walls are clad with wood, whereas the side walls have been finished in render. The roof looks to be made with seam metal sheeting, or corrugated sheeting.


 House - Small House - Modulo 12 Architects - Spain - Sheltered Porch -Humble Homes

The inside features white walls, and wood floors. It’s main aim (aside from providing the typical functions of a house) is to frame, and create snapshots of the exterior views. The house features decking to the front and back, which connects the main house to an outhouse used for laundry and storage.

 House - Small House - Modulo 12 Architects - Spain - Exterior Back - Humble Homes

There are three bedrooms; two single beds are found next to the living area, and the master bedroom is placed at the opposite end of the home. In between there’s a kitchen, a bathroom, an enclosed exterior deck, and an open plan living and dining area.

 House - Small House - Modulo 12 Architects - Spain - Floor Plan - Humble Homes

The building is oriented for North-South sun, and makes use of biomass to aid air-conditioning throughout. It’s also highly insulated to reduce heat loss, and heat gain. According to the architect, these are the basic elements of a bioclimatic house.

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Photos: Angel Baltanás

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  1. Thank U VERY MUCH for including the floor plan/layout of this interesting small home. In my view it is painful to see photos of an interesting casita without the floor plan. Keep up the good work, Mr. Burke.