A Small Apartment Renovation in Barcelona by Adrián Elizalde

This apartment in Barcelona was originally constructed in 1930. More recently it underwent renovation work with the aid of architect, Adrián Elizalde. The project was carried out with a limited budget, which saw them keeping some of the original features, and rooms as they were (like the location of the kitchen and bathroom).


Eixample Apartment Renovation - Barcelona - Entry - Humble Homes

The original apartment was divided up into a number of smaller rooms, resulting in a dark interior. Adrián selectively removed different partition walls to open up the living spaces, and help light pass from one area to another.


Eixample Apartment Renovation - Barcelona - Bedroom Nook - Humble Homes

The apartment has a total area of 70 square meters (XXX square feet). Much of the floor tiles, vaulted ceilings, and original joinery was saved during the restoration, helping to maintain its character. To brighten the space and create a sense of “homogeneity” between the different spaces, the interior walls and ceilings were painted white.


Eixample Apartment Renovation - Barcelona - Bedroom - Humble Homes

The apartment is now split up into a series of open, but definitive living spaces. Going from left to right you have the first section being occupied by a living room, bedroom and a study area with a seating, shelving and storage. The next section contains the kitchen and bathroom, which are considerably smaller than the first block.

Eixample Apartment Renovation - Barcelona - Study - Humble Homes

The final living areas on the right hand side of the apartment are taken up by a second bedroom and entry hall. According to the architect the table in the study area forms a focal point in the home: “This unique table… gathers all the activities of the apartment, acting as a study table, dining table, [or a] place connected with certain tasks in the kitchen.”

Eixample Apartment Renovation - Barcelona - Floor Plans - Humble Homes

Areas like the living room and bedroom can be either opened up, or closed off for privacy: “we can transform the space to provide the necessary privacy, greater intimacy or, expand the space.” The top of the partitions feature windows that help to draw in light when the doors are either closed or open. It also helps to maintain the sense of spaciousness throughout the apartment.

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Photos: Adrià Goula

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