Small AirBnB Home Decorated Lavishly in Moroccan Style

Designed as an AirBnB pop-up home, artist, Justina Blakeney, created this heavily textured mosaic of vivid colors and geometric patterns. Blakeney drew on styles from East LA, North Africa and even actress, Lake Bell, to create a warm inviting space. The overall composition of furniture, and textures leads to a very Moroccan feel.


The pop-up home is located in the center of Los Angeles’ Art District, perhaps one of the most diverse areas within the city and a suiting place to house this eclectic getaway. The structure contains a single, lavishly decorated, bedroom. An additional external structure appears to house a bathroom module.


The living pod was installed in just 3 weeks. The generous allocation of window openings floods the interior with natural light, helping to showcase the bold colors and textiles that turn what would have otherwise been a boring shell, into a vibrant space.


Blankeney combines a variety of metallic pieces to add warmth and character, traits which are rare in pop-up, or temporary spaces. Several items point towards the different cultural backgrounds and history surrounding the unit. For example, the origami-shaped chair that references the nearby Little Tokyo, or the Mexican floral tray that nods to the Latino community.

Bridging the Moroccan style with south California’s own, are the exterior Bougainville trees, a common sight among the LA landscape.

It’s a shame, but architectural decoration has, for the most part, disappeared from modern buildings. It’s good to see that we can still make a stylised statement with interior décor.

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Via Inhabitat

Niall Burke

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  1. I’m not sure, it seems to be somewhere out the open. I’m not sure if I could stay in it when it’s surrounded by what looks like residential buildings haha.

  2. Ya I know, right? I love the look of everything about it BUT the location. I would feel on display. :/