Slow Cabins Wants You to Slow Down and Enjoy Nature with their Eco Retreats

Dubbed Slow Cabins (TM), this unique retreat was completed in 2017 and can be found in Belgium. The unit is part of a greater effort by the designers, Xavier Leclair.


Leclair introduced a range of WHYSlow Cabins, aimed at providing city dwellers with a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of city life.



The particular unit measures 387.50-square-feet (36-square-meters) and is self-sufficient. The designers describe it as a “silence hut”, referring to its purpose as a tool for disconnecting from the grid and rediscovering the “simplicity of unspoiled nature nearby [the] home.”



Leclair attempts to employ off-grid living to our benefit, and the company itself promotes off-grid construction as a possible future form of housing in the hospitality sector. The companies mantra or mission statement is to “develop smaller, better and healthier mobile eco-homes that are affordable and last longer.”


It’s true that in recent years we’ve seen a shift from bigger is better to less is more. This company’s devotion to affordable, healthy housing is more evidence of that shift. The cabin itself isn’t the largest, and had to employ a few clever space-saving strategies to make the most its floor plan.


Slow Cabins (TM) features a bedroom at both ends of the unit. It also features a separate toilet and shower found at opposite ends of the home – the remaining space is used to create a closet for clothing. The main living space is divided up almost evenly bedroom the living room, and the kitchen.


The great outdoors is key to any tiny home. This home comes with two exterior decks, one to the front of the unit and another to the rear. From the designers: “Slow Cabins applies a strict circular ‘low impact’ business model, in terms of both product and process design. Already at the design stage it starts by choosing the right materials and techniques in order to minimize waste streams and impact by the cabin and visitor(s) on nature.”


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Photos © Slow Cabins – Jonas Verhulst

Niall Burke

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