Skysphere – A Towering High-Tech Retreat by Jono Williams

Called the Skysphere, this habitable tower comes from the creative mind of New Zealander Jono Williams. The Skysphere serves as a rather unique getaway that features a host of technological wizardry and is set among the rolling hills of the countryside.


Skysphere - Jono Williams - New Zealand - Exterior - Humble Homes

The structure is composed of a hollow steel cylindrical column that supports the rounded section of the retreat. A series of curved steel elements encompass the living area, providing support at the outer edges. The hollow center of the main column provides access to the upper level via a steel ladder.


Skysphere - Jono Williams - New Zealand - Day Bed - Humble Homes

The main living area of the unit features 6.6 feet tall (2 meters tall) windows along its entire circumference, providing an amazing 360-degree panoramic view of the landscape. With no access to the electrical grid, electricity is provided for through a series of solar panels that have been installed on the exterior.


Skysphere - Jono Williams - New Zealand - Panoramic View - Humble Homes

The solar panels help to power a variety of lights and gadgets, and Williams hasn’t shied away from “geeking out” his most marvellous of man-caves. It features a motorized entry door with fingerprint access, a refrigerated beer dispenser that’s built into the couch, a solar-powered management system…

Skysphere - Jono Williams - New Zealand - Solar Panels - Humble Homes

… A miracast projector, a wireless sound system, LED mood lighting, high speed internet, computer generated voice dialogs, and a ladder that provides access to the rooftop for stargazing. On top of that there’s also some custom furniture, like the curved couch and what looks to be a day bed.

Skysphere - Jono Williams - New Zealand - At Night - Humble Homes

It doesn’t however appear to be geared for extended stays – there’s no mention of a kitchen or a bathroom (but it is surrounded by plenty of, erm, woodland). Regardless, it would make for a truly unique experience.

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Photos: The Skysphere

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  1. Good old Kiwi ingenuity. You liddle Ripper you Jono… awesome.

    This is V 1… V 2 is apparently under consideration. With probably a kitchen and toilet facilities.

    The intention with V 1 was to have another tower for toilet facilities… and truly, I don’t understand the logic of that. But then, I have never understood the logic of genius.

    It’s worth clicking the link to go to his website and have a look at it from whoa to go… yes the start is on the last page. Sigh!