Shaye & Tom’s Tiny House Nearly Completed (Video)

Since I last posted about Shaye and Tom from New Zealand, they’ve been super busy moving and finishing off their tiny house, which is looking amazing. Check out the videos below.



For anyone that’s had their doubts about being able to move a tiny house, particularly a large one, this should put your doubts to rest. Lucy measures approximately 24′ by 8′ and made it to the final site with no problems whatsoever. (Didn’t even get stopped at a police check!)


Bryce and Mel of Living Big in a Tiny House paid a visit to Shaye and Tom to check out their tiny house, and get a tour/idea of what it’s like to live in a tiny house. The house is close to being completely finished – some items like trim, electrical and water supply need to be hooked up, but other than that it looks like it’s good to go!


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Niall Burke

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