A Series of Small Housing Units in Cidades, Portugal

This series of small housing units can be found in Cidades, Portugal. Designed by local architecture firm M-Arquitectos, the units are an addition to an existing house that was built in the 1950’s.


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Set at on elevated site and overlooking the surrounding countryside, the three units are part of the rehabilitation of the site, and main house. The overall plot is 3,724 square feet (346 square meters), but M-Arquitectos dwellings look to be around 12-by-30 feet (3.7-by-9.1 meters).


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The smaller houses are all identical both inside and out. Their contemporary and unusual form is part of an attempt to control the light that enters the building. The exteriors are clad vertically with timber siding, and they feature a number of windows, all of which can be boarded up with exterior panels.


Bungalows Seven Cities - Tiny Retreats - M-Arquitectos - Portugal - Window - Humble Homes

On the inside, there’s an open plan living, dining and kitchen area that features a large wood-burning stove (the houses only source of heating). The kitchen is more of a kitchenette, tucked away in a corner with an under-counter fridge, sink and cooktop.

Bungalows Seven Cities - Tiny Retreats - M-Arquitectos - Portugal - Living Area - Humble Homes

The bedroom can be found at the opposite end of the building, and it features a large window that looks out onto the back end of the property. Sandwiched between the living area and bedroom is the bathroom, which is finished with a toilet, bath/shower, sink and vanity unit.

Bungalows Seven Cities - Tiny Retreats - M-Arquitectos - Portugal - Section - Humble Homes

The interior seems a little lifeless; white walls and wood floors, but it’s probably just because no one’s occupied them yet. It’s unclear what the houses are being used for from the architect’s description, although it seems likely that they’re holiday homes as part of a retreat.

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Photos: Paulo Goulart

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  1. I have seen 2 of your tiny houses and I love both. They are open and beautiful. How much would it cost to build in Idaho? Also I love to read so I would be interested in any plans that you had with build in bookcases and does your plans include washer and dryer hookups especially if the weather is not too good to dry your clothes or bedding outside>

    I also am finding out that as I get older, I want less stuff and less room. I use to live overseas in a room for many years and for some years with roommates and I am finding out that I can not take the small room out of the girl.