Saurez House – A Simple Home in Chile Overlooking a Gorge

Named Suarez House after its owners, this property in Chile has been built to replace their original home which was burnt down in a fire. Set in the region of Valparaíso, the house overlooks a natural gorge. The project was undertaken by a local firm called Arq2g Arquitectura.


Suarez House - Arq2g arquitectura - Chile - Exterior - Humble Homes

The replacement dwelling has a footprint of just 538 square feet (50 square meters). Rather than being built into the side of the gorge, it’s built out from it, supported by a series of inclined steel columns, beams and braces. The project was completed back in 2013, the same year that the original house was burned down.


Suarez House - Arq2g arquitectura - Chile - Interior - Humble Homes

The main body of the home is a timber structure that’s fastened to the steel and the foundations. Its exterior has been finished in bright red wood siding, while the interior features an unusual orange-looking plywood finish, with a lighter wood floor and ceiling.


Suarez House - Arq2g arquitectura - Chile - Cross-section - Humble Homes

The floor plan is quite simple – there are two main sections to the home, the shared living area and the more private bedrooms and bathroom. The open plan living room, dining room and kitchen is split over two levels to account for the slope of the hillside.

Suarez House - Arq2g arquitectura - Chile - The Owners - Humble Homes

Windows have been installed generously throughout. Six windows, both large and small, have been included in the main living area to help keep the space bright and to promote natural ventilation. A set of patio doors can be found in the master bedroom that lead out onto a small balcony, overlooking the valley below.

Suarez House - Arq2g arquitectura - Chile - Floor Plan - Humble Homes

Throughout the rebuild there was a heavy focus on affordability. This house – and several others – were redeveloped under a social housing scheme. The total estimated cost is in the region of 650 CLF, which is about $26,400 at today’s rate.

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Photos: Marco Garate

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  1. Interesting little house. And what a charming gentleman and lady! May they live to be 120 years old while in excellent health ! Rather than fire, I would be far more concerned with dangers from earthquake, the way the little place is perched so precariously on that simple metal unit. These comments are respectfully submitted.
    Stephan of Arkansas