Rotating Shed Made From FSC Hardwood

This little studio shed has been designed and built by the London-based furniture maker Nathalie de Leval, on the behalf of fashion designer Paul Smith. Not only is the quality of the finish amazing, but the prefab shelter has been made with FSC American hardwood, and it can rotate to follow the sun’s path.


Wood Shed - Studio - Paul Smith - Nathalie de Leval - Exterior - Humble Homes

The two collaborated together to create a relaxing retreat, which would allow Paul to switch off from his busy work schedule. Nathalie is a bespoke furniture designer-maker, whose hands-on approach is somewhat rare in what is a very commercial environment – a trait which appealed greatly to Paul.


Wood Shed - Studio - Paul Smith - Nathalie de Leval - Interior - Humble Homes

Set on the peak of a hill, the shed sports views of the immediate countryside – 360-degree views at that. Its ability to rotate provides a means of chasing the suns light throughout the day, and also changing the view. The exterior of the structure is clad with hardwood timber. One end of the retreat is glazed entirely from base to apex, allowing it to draw in plenty of light.


Wood Shed - Studio - Paul Smith - Nathalie de Leval - Exterior at Night - Humble Homes

The shed is measure 10-by-10 feet; the same size as the designer’s first shop in Nottingham. On the inside, the hardwood cladding, its supporting structure are on show. The space is furnished simply with two chairs, a desk and an overhead lamp.

Wood Shed - Studio - Paul Smith - Nathalie de Leval - Detail - Humble Homes

The simple but stunning shed was built as part of the Wish List Project, a project developed by the American Hardwood Export Council that promotes the use of sustainably harvested hardwoods.

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Photos: Petr Krejci

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