ROOMS by Gilles Belley – Combining, Dividing and Creating Space

The French designer Gilles Belley has created this series called “ROOMS”. ROOMS is a furniture system that attempts to merge living spaces with furniture pieces. There are three different pieces in the collection – AREA, BLOCK and WALL – each of which addresses a different need/use.


Gilles Belley - Smart Furniture - Block - Sleeping Space - Humble Homes

BLOCK, pictured above, incorporates several elements of a living room, bedroom, and a study. The core of the unit is also used for storage. BLOCK aims to condense living spaces into a single, small area. It sounds like it could be a real space-saving solution for those with a limited floor area.


Gilles Belley - Smart Furniture - Block - Study - Humble Homes

The raised bed is accessed by a built-in staircase. A small desk is found at the opposite end, and a space for a TV has been cut out in the middle of the unit. The second piece is called AREA (seen below). This piece is aimed at carving out a living space within a self-contained area.


Gilles Belley - Smart Furniture - Area - From Outside - Humble Homes

Described as a “space in parentheses”, it’s ideal when you need to withdraw from other people, or your immediate environment. It’s aimed at providing a quiet space to read, play or work, without interruption. AREA is modular in construction and can be configured in a variety of ways.

Gilles Belley - Smart Furniture - Area - From Inside - Humble Homes

The final piece in the trio is WALL. WALL is used to divide up a room, permitting several functions where there previously had perhaps only been one. One side of the WALL is used as a study desk, or workstation, while the other creates a mini-library and is shelved from top to bottom.

Gilles Belley - Smart Furniture - Wall - Desk and Shelves - Humble Homes

The units have been built with industrial cutting techniques that ensure the preciseness of their construction. There’s no indication as to whether or not they will be retailed – it currently seems like a concept project, but the idea of combining, dividing and creating rooms is prevalent in small spaces and you could definitely take some inspiration from Belley’s work.

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Photos: Colombe Clier

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  1. Quite frankly I think this concept is pathetic. It looks ugly. It is functionally poor. Nah, on second thoughts it IS ugly and the bits and pieces just don’t work.