Rollottes’ European Style Gypsy Caravans

If you’re interested in downsizing and like the idea of a tiny house on wheels with a kitschy décor,  then Kees Hoekstra of Roulottes may well have the perfect home for you. Since 1992 Kees has been building, designing and restoring gypsy caravans in Europe.


Roulottes European Caravans

When Kees bought his first restoration project he was working as a graphic designer/illustrator in Amsterdam; a career that was helpful in the area of design but didn’t lend itself to the (re)construction work required for his gypsy caravan.


Roulottes European Caravans

Undeterred, Kees borrowed tools and spent 20 weeks in the south of France restoring his caravan. Once he completed the project people were immediately taken by the design and started to enquire if it was for sale or rent.


Roulottes European Caravans

With very few original, restorable caravans left, Kees decided to try and create his own authentic looking gypsy caravans from scratch. He showed his early sketches to a friend who ended up buying the wagon, and hence a business was born. Hoekstra needed carpenters and a workshop, and so he made his way from France to the Czech Republic where he set up a shop.

Roulottes European Caravans

Roulottes European Caravans

Roulottes European Caravans

Roulottes European Caravans

He now sells his caravans to a variety of different people and companies – from campsites, hotels to people who use them as backyard workshops or studies.

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Niall Burke

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  1. I would like to have something like this – small home w/no loft to climb a ladder to get to ~ Very warm & inviting use of space

  2. I would be very interested in receiving more info on the European Style Gypsy Caravans and incliding floor plans and cost of purchase and delivery.
    Regards Hazel

  3. We are building a gypsy wedge. We have started with a small old RV trailer torn down to the deck. We have stretched it for and aft.I’ve used 2x2s as uprights or studs and put together with 3/4 inch dowels and glued and screwed. Mariah thats.her name..Mariah has a curved front.a.d a storage compartment up hold her battery s fuses and propane tank along with extra water the hight is so people can sit on it and her hidden spare tire lays horizontally on top of the tounge.that’s were their feet ride. The Windows up front were for a boat. So it looks like she has eyes. Moving aft she has the traditional square Windows that open out.under the window on each side are storage compartment doors.they serve two.purpose. one easy access for loading our merchandise.two so our minion can get in and out.with out and third if our window is open a passer by Will.not crack thire head . Moving to the porch. The door is dutch. The porch deck I can stow her jacks.and long poles under the full length of the trailer. All her electrical is L.E.D.s write me I can send photos.

  4. Hello, do you know if there is someone in Victoria Australia that is seling these, am looking to buy for myself as a permanent mobile truck home or something that is self efficient somehow for me, solar, heating and cooking and my son instead of buying land. This way l could travel between my aging parents. ..Any ideas welcome as l am tired of living on my sisters couch.

  5. sQuiZzoo – I’m not aware of any manufacturers/builders in Australia that build this specific type of house/caravan. If you contact Roulottes they may be able to point you in the right direction.

  6. Hi we are building many types of Gypsy wagons and house trucks in Australia we are based in Hobart Tasmania

  7. Kees, heb je enige jaren geleden persoonlijk ontmoet in “De Ardeche”. Ook contact gehad met kantoor Apeldoorn toen der tijd. Ben woonachtig in Canada, British Columbia. Interesse bestaat om hier iets op te zetten en heb b.v. informatie nodig betreffende eventuele Bedrijven hier reeds aktief met Produktie Roulottes. Zo niet interesse zelf iets op te starten met hopenlijk jouw expertise.
    Geef even door of en wat mogelijkheden zijn. Heb hier al iemand vanuit Europa bekend met concept
    en zelfs bouw Roulottes.
    Bedankt en stuur even mailtje.

    Groetjes, Hans

  8. I would love to know how to purchase one of these in th US. Also, please add me to your newsletter. Thanks!


    We have a house in Holland and are very interested in your gypsy type of caravans.

    Can you let us know how it works and the cost (with the understanding that it will vary of course depending on what we want)

    Thank you
    Kind Regards
    Luna & Matt Sullivan