River View Treehouse – A Quiet Getaway by Baumraum

While some may not consider this lofted retreat to be a treehouse in the strictest sense (due to it being supported by steel stilts as opposed to a tree), but it does feature several qualities of a treehouse.


River View Treehouse By Baumraum

Raised high above the ground level and shrouded by trees, the treehouse provides spectacular views of the city of Freudenberg and the Main river valley.


River View Treehouse By Baumraum

Access is gained via a ramp to the rear of the structure, leading to a large terrace which perfect for relaxing on in the warm summer sun. The main terrace is connected to a smaller porch area by a set of side stairs, and it’s here you’ll find the main body of the treehouse – a rounded cabin of sorts.


River View Treehouse By Baumraum

The exterior features dark stained wood and stainless steel elements. The curved roof of the cabin has been clad with oxidized zinc that blends in with the surrounding foliage.

River View Treehouse By Baumraum

The interior space is full of light due to the large window openings, while at the same time offering amazing panoramic views of the river valley. The furniture and flooring are both made of oak which has been treated with oil. Storage space and lounging/sleeping areas are also provided for through the custom furnishings.

River View Treehouse By Baumraum

The River View Treehouse is the perfect spot for getting away from the hustle and bustle of the world, and de-stressing from the hectic lifestyle that we all seem to be caught up in.

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Via Baumraum

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    I love this design, where do I buy plans and what is the costs….I have a beachfront lot on the pasific coast under two Tamarindo trees ….Regards from Nicaragua