Retro Caravan Turned Mobile Office by Studio106

Many people dream of being able to work outside when the summer weather comes around. This New Zealand based architecture studio, called Studio106, decided to take their office on the road by adapting a caravan.


Mobile Office Created from Retro Caravan - Studio106 - Exterior with Car - Humble Homes

The retro caravan was transformed into a small workspace that allows the companies employees to take full advantage of the summer weather. It comes complete with a fold-up side wall, workstations, and a fold-away table that can be set up outside.


Mobile Office Created from Retro Caravan - Studio106 - Exterior with Awning - Humble Homes

The team of designers now operate out of a space that measures approximately 1,022 square feet (95 square meters) when you account for its immediate surroundings. To create the workspace, they sourced a partially converted caravan from Retro Events, a company that rents out – you guessed it – retro caravans for various events.


Mobile Office Created from Retro Caravan - Studio106 - Set up - Humble Homes

From the architects: “Reducing our functional footprint from a 95m2 office to a peripatetic yet practical space has been able to happen thanks to retro events. Using one of their semi-converted caravans as our home away from home not only will it provide the mobility and flexibility we needed, but it gave us the ability to park it on the site of one of our current projects.”

Mobile Office Created from Retro Caravan - Studio106 - Office from Side - Humble Homes

To create a suitable interior they stripped out any unnecessary items and features. The ceiling was covered with an installation piece and soft furnishings were introduced. The bulk of the interior is taken up by desks (which are made from cardboard), computers, chairs, an office plant and a coffee station.

Mobile Office Created from Retro Caravan - Studio106 - Office - Humble Homes

I love the idea of being able to work from various locations, and I can see the benefit in situations where you need to be on site. Although, I’m sure there are some practical issues, like who gets to empty the black water tank (although this set up doesn’t seem to include on-board toilet facilities).

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Photos: Jo Wickham

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