Reclaimed Material ‘Tiny Home Dome’ Costs Only $200

Project submitted by Jeffrey: This is my tiny home dome. It was built for just $200, and comprises of reclaimed materials, milled on site lumber and mud.


Jeffrey the Natural Builder Tiny Dome Home

The design is a geodesic dome with a 5 sided roof added on top. The dome is earthen plastered inside and lime plastered outside. It is insulated with local sheep’s wool, reclaimed rigid foam and ‘slip chip’ (a mixture of wood shavings and clay slip.)


Jeffrey the Natural Builder Tiny Dome Home

“The project began with an idea: by reducing the size of a house, we actually increase the space we live in. Having a smaller home forces us outside and into nature.


My aim was to make a well built cabin cheaply; using material destined for the landfill as much as possible.”

Jeffrey the Natural Builder Tiny Dome Home

“I wanted the outside to have a rustic feel and blend into the landscape, but once inside, I wanted a high-quality finish. Even though I made the cabin from reclaimed materials, I didn’t want the occupant to feel like they were living in trash, but instead surrounded by beautiful things that our society is too lazy to take the time to reclaim and restore.”

Jeffrey the Natural Builder Tiny Dome Home

“If you are trying to build from reclaimed materials, being open and excited about what you are doing and speaking to whoever will listen is a great starting point for gathering materials. I’d also recommend keeping an eye on craigslist and community forums and dumpster diving. Also, sometimes simply asking for offcuts at constructions sites pays off.”

Jeffrey the Natural Builder Tiny Dome Home

Editor: For more pictures and information about Jeffrey’s awesome reclaimed dome home, check out his blog, Jeffrey the Natural Builder.

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