Rebuilding Haiti with Konbit Adobe Shelters

These funky-looking adobe buildings were designed and built by Konbit Shelter, as part of a regeneration program for Haiti. Since 2010  a group of architects, engineers and artists have come together to help improve the living conditions of the Cormiers community which was badly damaged by the earthquake.


Konbit Adobe Shelters

Konbit Adobe Shelters


By using earth bag architecture techniques, the group, in conjunction with the local residents, has built a ‘disaster-proof’, affordable and sustainable community centre, as well as a single family home. This January they’re set to return and will begin work on another home for a mother and her three children. You can help promote and fund the campaign through their Kickstarter.

Konbit Adobe Shelters


Back in January 2010, the group that started the regeneration project decided they wanted to use their skills and knowledge to try and help the people of Haiti. They decided that the best, most durable and economically viable solution was to rebuild homes using an earth bag structure. The durable nature of the finished buildings means that they are resistant to earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and fires.

Konbit Adobe Shelter

Konbit Adobe Shelters

Konbit Adobe Shelters

Konbit Adobe Shelters

Konbit also taught the local people the skills and principles requierd to construct the earth bag structures themselves. The structure itself is made up of around 90% earth and 10% cement. The dwellings use very little wood as it is scarce in Haiti, and the tools/machinery required for construction with wood are hard to come across.

As of January 2013, the Konbit team have returned to the area in order to build another family home. You can support their efforts though the Konbit Shelter Kickstarter Campaign.

Via Inhabitat & Konbit Shelter

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  1. This is a fantastic idea. There are some houses similar to these here in California and they hold up well during earthquakes. I love its beautiful simple style. (but my first thought when I saw it was, Hey that looks like Luke Skywalkers house!)

  2. That didn’t even occur to me… but now you mention it, it does look like Skywalkers house! Just makes it all the cooler – a natural home built with mostly raw, unprocessed materials that looks like something out of Star Wars; it’s hard to beat it haha.

  3. Some of the original structures they built for the movie are still around in Tunisia. I tried to find someone to go with me to see them when I was in Tunisia, but sadly, I wasn’t able to get out there.

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