Portable Surf Sauna Helps Keep Winter Surfers Warm

Who could be in need of a sauna more than winter surfers? The Surf Sauna is a small portable unit that can be towed and set up on location as a sauna. The unique sauna was built by a group of surfers from Portsmouth, New Hampshire. It features an all-wood western red cedar structure supported by stainless steel strapping.


Portable Sauna - Surf Sauna - Portsmouth New Hampshire - Humble Homes

Intended to be used along the coast, the sauna contains a mix of marine grade galvanised and stainless steel, helping it to fight off corrosion in the exposed environment. The western red cedar is a naturally durable species (hence it’s frequent use as cladding on buildings), with a good resistance to rot and more hostile environments.


Portable Sauna - Surf Sauna - Portsmouth New Hampshire - Interior - Humble Homes

The Surf Sauna is available for rent and is suited for anyone planning winter activities, but doesn’t want to bear the chill of the cold any longer than they have to. It comes with a shovel for shifting built-up snow, and a hi-lift jack in case you get stuck.


Portable Sauna - Surf Sauna - Portsmouth New Hampshire - Winter Beach - Humble Homes

The inception of the mobile sauna began during the formation of Port City Makerspace, a community based shop that provides a workspace and tools to members. Apparently, it took a few years before a group of surfers and craftsmen were brave enough to attempt its construction. The Surf Sauna’s website states that the unit will be available for rent on a daily basis.

Alternatively, if you want to purchase your own custom built unit, it’ll set you back $16,400. Each custom built sauna comes with its own surf racks, a wood fired stove, an aluminium brim, and a brass porthole window.

For more spaces check out this tiny outdoor Scandinavian sauna, Huginn & Muninn, that resembles a treehouse. Or the Green Zero Project, an eco-friendly living space built around “fun elements” by Daniele Menichini Architecture. See all spaces.

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