Pod Space’s Eco-Friendly Contemporary Prefab Pods in England

Created by the British company, Pod Space, these prefabricated pods can cater to a variety of needs. Their customizability allows people to modify the entire pod – from the exterior to the interior – as they see fit. It’s capable of serving as a studio, a home office, a backyard retreat, or even a full-time home.


Eco Pod - Garden Studio - Pod Space - UK - Exterior - Humble Homes

More environmentally friendly options are also available including low-e glass, low energy heating systems, and roof-mounted solar panels. Each pod is intended to have a small footprint, while also meeting building and planning regulations. Their size often means they can installed without requiring a building permit (in England).


Eco Pod - Garden Studio - Pod Space - UK - Interior 2 - Humble Homes

The majority of construction takes place off-site, allowing the units to be quickly installed on-site. They’re also designed to be disassembled and relocated with ease. The units typically feature seam metal roofs, timber cladding and Scandinavian floor-to-ceiling windows and doors.


Eco Pod - Garden Studio - Pod Space - UK - Interior 1 - Humble Homes

In addition to the large windows, skylights can also be included to ensure the interior draws in plenty of natural light. If you think the large windows might cause your little pod to overheat, timber louvres are available and act as exterior shades, reducing the internal heat load.

Eco Pod - Garden Studio - Pod Space - UK - Exterior 2 - Humble Homes

The wood theme continues on the inside with the furniture (and exterior cladding) being created from wood that’s sourced from sustainably harvested forests. Pod Space also states that the fixtures are chosen for their energy efficiency, not just their aesthetic.

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If you’re still not satisfied on the eco front, you can opt for a green roof. It makes use of sedum herbs and grasses to help insulate the pod. Personally, my favorite aspect of these units isn’t the eco features, but the apex skylight.

For more studios check out this workshop that’s been sunken into a garden in Belgium. Or, this rotating shed made in England that’s made from FSC timber. See all studios.

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  1. I am searching for something like your pod buildings available in the US. Do you have a sales outlet here? It is very frustrating that all the really interesting designs are across the pond. Can you help?

  2. I can only echo what CR wrote above. Any suggestions for an American counterpart to your buildings? Thanks.