Paul Timmer and Heren 5 Architects Create a Series of Crafted Living Spaces for this Apartment

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This Danish apartment’s interior has been designed in a collaborative effort by the the architecture firm, Heren 5 Architects, and the furniture designers, Paul Timmer.



Enlisting the help of Paul Timmer allowed the architects to truly customize the unit to his – and his family’s – needs. The result is a light, bright space with each room crafted to meet their needs.



The project, which was completed in 2018, has been aptly dubbed Loft Buiksloterham after the property’s location: Buiksloterham, Amsterdam. The unit amounts to just 484.38-square-feet (45-square-meters).



The unit only features windows along one wall. Because of this, the designers geared each of the the living spaces to take advantage of the home’s only source of natural light.

The private housing functions such as the living room, sleeping area, storage and bathroom are situated in the back of the loft. – Heren 5 Architects


The apartment is largely open plan with living spaces flowing into one another (apart from the bathroom, which is placed to the back of the home). The main room is occupied by a kitchen, dining area, living room, and a lofted bedroom.

The kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room all form part of a timber addition – a component that’s been slotted into the apartment like a piece of furniture. It also houses a hidden bed that can be pulled out from under the living area.

The large interior-unit is realized in a subtle palette of birch wood and white Corian. The ‘diamond edge’-detailing […] gives the design its unique look. – Heren 5 Architects


Photos © Leonard Faustle, Tim Stet

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