Pajarera Lodge is a Small Getaway Immersed in Chile’s Central Mountain Range

This project, set at the Andean foothills near San Fernando in Chile, was designed and built to operate as a lodge. The lodge is set among the trees and hills of Chile’s central mountain range.


Dubbed Pajarera Lodge, it’s a family fun business catering for a small number of guests. Local architecture firm, SAA Arquitectura + Territorio, were responsible for delivering the project.

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The lodge is immersed in a landscape dotted with oak trees and rivers. It’s also home to plenty of fauna, and as such, it was important for both the owners and designers to tread lightly on the land. Given it’s mountainside location, the easiest method of construction was to raise the structure off of the hillside.

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Pajarera Lodge is composed largely of a steel frame, into which timber elements are set. It contains a total area of 1076.39-square-feet (100-square-meters) with all living spaces placed on a single level. The property is oriented towards the south in order to take advantage of the views of the valley.

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Given its location, it’s no surprise that the lodge features a large exterior deck that wraps two sides of the property. This deck also provides access to each of the three bedrooms. Plenty of glazing has been used in the public living spaces, as well as skylights in the corridors.

La Pajarera Lodge Shangri SAA arquitectura territorio Chile Corridor Humble Homes

The floor plan is divided up between the public spaces and the more private guest bedrooms. The right-hand-side of the lodge is dedicated to a small but functional living room, dining area and kitchen. The other portion of the floor plan is taken up by the three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

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From the architects: “Construction was undertaken by local labor using basic, low-cost materials. The structure is comprised of a metallic base on which the cabin is raised in standard-dimension pinewood for the structure and exterior siding, with laminated plywood sheeting used for the interior veneer and finishing.”

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