A Tiny House in Japan - The Mineral Home
A Small, Funky Japanese House

Tokyo, Japan is ranked as the worlds most populated city, with 34 million inhabitants squeezed into an area of just 8000 square kilometers. As a result, land/housing…

Tiny House in Sweden
Tiny Student Housing in Sweden

This tiny house has been constructed by AF Bostader (a building foundation in Lund, Sweden). Designed with students in mind, it’s aims to be an affordable  housing…

The Athru Tiny House Plans
Video Of Our Latest Tiny House Design

Check out the preview video of our latest tiny house design. It’s got some nifty features like a bed that rolls under the kitchen when it’s not…

The Turtle Tiny House Plans
Karen’s Tiny Turtle House

Today I’d like to introduce you to Karen Batchelor, a Baby Boomer life coach who’s attracted to a simpler life – and just how do you simplify…

A Stylish Renovated Airstream
A Contemporary Airstream Restoration

This 1954 Airstream Flying Cloud trailer was meticulously restored by Timeless Travel Trailers. The Airstream trailer was transported to the company’s facility in Denver, Colorado, where it…

Awesome Treehouse
Lofted Living – Campsite Treehouse

Today’s post may be a little off topic, but it’s just so awesome it’d be a shame not to share it! This treehouse is the latest addition…

Compact Kitchens

Feeling like your kitchen just isn’t big enough? Have a look at these compact, stylish kitchens which have maximised the use the space available without making it…

Tiny Off-Grid House by Caroline Casey and Robert Brown
Copper Clad, Off-Grid Retreat

Australian architects, Caroline Casey and Robert Brown, created their very own off-grid retreat on  a remote mountain. The tiny, two-story structure had to be prefabricated off-site,  and…

Château d'if
Huge House, Tiny Castle

The Château de Monte-Cristo is a country house initially commissioned by Alexandre Dumas, the main country house was built in 1846 and designed by French architect, Hippolyte Durand. While the main building…

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