Out Of The Valley – Rupert McKelvie’s Idyllic Cabin Getaway in Devon

This quiet tiny cabin can be found among the woods of Devon in England. The cabin has been created by designer-maker Rupert McKelvie, who established a small company called Out of the Valley. Out of the Valley functions as a workshop dedicated to the creation of sustainable, off-the-grid, aesthetically pleasing cabins.


Tiny Cabin - Out Of The Valley - Devon - Exterior - Humble Homes

McKelvie was trained as a classical wood boat builder, but went on to study 3D design and sustainability at Falmouth University. Combining his practical experience with his education, he worked in London as a product and furniture designer before making the move to the countryside to start Out of the Valley.


Tiny Cabin - Out Of The Valley - Devon - Living Area - Humble Homes

The cabin itself is a solar-powered retreat set on the banks of the River Teign. It overlooks a former farm field that slopes gently down to the river, and the surrounding forestry forms part of the National Trust Woodland. The exterior features a black corrugated roof, while the walls have been finished in a Japanese technique called shou sugi ban – the charring of timber to make it weatherproof.


Tiny Cabin - Out Of The Valley - Devon - Wood Burning Stove - Humble Homes

The interior is quaint and almost church-like. The open plan space is partitioned loosely by the timber frame, and the entire roof structure – ridge beam, rafters and cruck – have all been left exposed, dousing the interior with fairy-tale charm.

Tiny Cabin - Out Of The Valley - Devon - Living Area 2 - Humble Homes

The right-hand-side of the cabin is dedicated to the sleeping area and bathroom. The mid-section contains the kitchen, and the left-hand-side is dedicated to the living and dining room. To keep the cabin warm on cold winter nights, there’s a rather modest wood-burning stove (adding yet more character).

Tiny Cabin - Out Of The Valley - Devon - Exterior Views - Humble Homes

All of the furniture pieces and built-ins have been designed by McKelvie, and are made from oak and ask. The front entrance also features a small deck that’s furnished with Net Chairs by Mark Product, a company based in nearby Cornwall. The overall effect is that of an idyllic other-worldly getaway. If you’d like to check it out for yourself, the cabin can be rented for £130 – £160 ($193 – $238) depending on the season.

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  1. Charming and lovely, elegant simplicity. There are so many charming places, things, and people in UK ! My only negative comment is about this type of efficient bed, placed in a corner, as such beds are hell to make up and change the sheets– as I learned from experience. These comments are politely submitted.

  2. needs some color in the storage area in the kitchen area. Too blonde, no color. no privacy either especially if you are living in a city. Country, you might be able to get away with some things but not the city. Put up blinds or curtains.

  3. @ Mary J

    Blinds are shown in the bedroom and on the window by the woodburner. Looks like the canvas porch shade comes down to deck level too.

  4. I love every one of the “HOMES” I see. I am single, no kids, and need this just for ME. Any info I can get from you would be greatly appreciated. The interior I can finish to a point. My father taught me well.