An Off-Grid Tiny House on Wheels From Greece by Echo Living

Created by the design firm Echo Living and set in Greece, this tiny house on wheels serves as a minimalist off-grid retreat. Simply dubbed the “Eco Cabin”, the unit makes use of two components – the main body of the home (the tiny house on wheels) and a separate bathroom.


Tiny House on Wheels - Echo Livin - Greece - Exterior - Humble Homes

The micro-home makes use of solar panels to provide for the users electrical needs. For heat during the winter months there’s a small wood-burning stove placed in the living room. However, the unit isn’t totally off-grid – the water supply is piped in from a nearby village.


Tiny House on Wheels - Echo Livin - Greece - Living Room - Humble Homes

Because they’re depending on solar panels to power the home, all lighting is 12v LED. The bathroom is completely separate from the house and is accessed by a short walk-way that leads to an outhouse. The outhouse contains a shower at one end and composting toilet at the other.


Tiny House on Wheels - Echo Livin - Greece - Kitchen - Humble Homes

The exterior is clad with a white composite cladding featuring an etched surface, while the interior is finished mostly in spruce. The main living area contains a small kitchenette (with a 12v fridge) to one end. The kitchen and shelving units have been suspended in front of the floor-to-ceiling glazing that runs the length of the home.

Tiny House on Wheels - Echo Livin - Greece - Front Decking - Humble Homes

The living room section features built in seating with built-in storage below. A large skylight has been placed above the living room to help brighten the rear of the home. There’s also a small, private bedroom nook that’s been sandwiched between the living room and the seating/shelving area.

Tiny House on Wheels - Echo Livin - Greece - Floor Plan - Humble Homes

According to the designers the “discreet double bed space is on a raised platform and has its own little wardrobe, a built-in bedside table with reading light and view to the sea.” Finally, the large patio doors and one of the gable ends can be opened up to extend the living space to the exterior deck. All in all, it seems like a clever design.

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Niall Burke

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  1. I have been researching tinu Houses for a few years now. Still amazed at how many have hard, uninviting benches as the primary or only form of seating. Even with pillows you are not going to be able to kick back, relax and spend any length of time on it. Otherwise nice house.

  2. HEY…. don’t look a gift horse in the mouth… THINK creatively!! Put or create a think mattress on top of the benches… puff, puff, puffy!! They are wonderful homes!!!!!

  3. I am looking for a tiny I’m from Bradford is it possible that I can a reasonable price for a tiny home

  4. We just bought land with 70 olive and almond trees in Crete Greece..we have a tiny wooden hut on the land we are planning to fix up as a tiny home.
    Who could help us with this any ideas?
    The land is on 5 elevated levels one of which has planning permission to build an 80m2 house.
    We firstly would like to fix up the little wooden hut it measures 8m2 by 2.30m2 so it it very tiny but the beauty is we have 4,700m2 land .So plenty of outside space. If anyone knows of anyone who specializes in tiny homes please contact me.

  5. I live in Crete too and want a tiny house ! I live in a village near Chania in the West of Crete near Georgoupoli. Could we get in contact ?

  6. Hi there. It’s been almost a year since your post but I thought I’ d give it a try. I hope all is running well on your off grid land . I have been practicing, studying and experimenting with off grid living for the last 15 years and I live off the grid partly on a stunningly beautiful and remote place on the northern slopes of Falakro mountain and right on the banks of Nestos lake , in extreme north Greece. I have mostly done things on my own there and with some helps from friends so I’ ve learned quite a bit through trial and error. I would love to help you out with advise or any other way I could so let’s get in touch.

  7. I’m thinking of building a TINY HOUSE on the island of Kythera, Greece. Do you have any designs/houses for sale.

  8. Dear Niall,

    We are looking at putting a tiny house on a plot of land in Lefkada Greece. Please can you give me an idea of the price of your tiny homes and whether you can get one to Lefkada?

    Many thanks,

  9. Hi, I live in Athens, and I’m thinking of buying a tiny house to live in. Do you have a base I can visit to discuss details ?
    Alison Buxbaum