Norbert Juhász Converts a 16-Year-Old Van into a Mobile Home

Norbert Juhász and his financée Dóra decided to pack up shop and do some travelling while freelancing. The couple, who were originally based in downtown Budapest, have converted a 16-year-old van into a mobile home.


Juhász, who is a photographer with a background in architecture, designed and carried out the necessary work to make the van a cozy tiny home for life on the road.

Van Conversion - Norbert Juhász - Hungary - Rear Entry - Humble Homes


Carried out on a budget, Juhász implemented simple low-tech features that would keep costs down. From the outside, the van looks like any other – there are no giveaways as to what lies inside. The interior however, is a custom built space, tailored to the needs of Norbert and Dóra.

Van Conversion - Norbert Juhász - Hungary - Living Area - Humble Homes


Three main pieces of furniture make up the bulk of the living space: a couch, kitchenette, and an L-shaped cabinet. Given the amount of available space, all elements play double duty. The couch can be converted to a double bed, and hides electrical components and storage underneath it.

Van Conversion - Norbert Juhász - Hungary - Kitchen - Humble Homes

The kitchenette features a gas cooker, sink and water tank. It also has a small, hide-away, pull-out desk. The L-shaped storage cabinet has a section cut out for seating, while also providing some much needed storage, and a spot for the on-board fridge.

Van Conversion - Norbert Juhász - Hungary - Pull Out Desk - Humble Homes

When choosing the materials to create the pieces, Juhász opted for cheap and cheerful (and if possible, green) products. OSB has been used for the surface finishes, while the body of the units is made of MDF and reclaimed wood. To keep the van warm, a 2 inch thick (5 cm) layer of PUR-foam has been blown directly onto the shell of the van.

Van Conversion - Norbert Juhász - Hungary - Bed - Humble Homes

To accommodate their electrical needs, they can take advantage of a 250W solar panel, the engine’s generator, or hook into a regular 220V socket. Using a gas system allows them to have hot water on demand. An 11 kg cylinder is connected to the cooker, and can be used for hot showers at the rear of the van.

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Photos: Norbert Juhász

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  1. Like it but does it have a toilet available if the needs occur and there is no rest stop available in Europe besides the woods? Small also but did like it.