New York’s First Micro-Apartments by Stage 3 Properties

New York City is tentatively dipping into the small house movement and experimenting with micro-homes, or micro-apartments in this case. The first of these apartments was recently completed by Stage 3 Properties and has been named “Ollie at Carmel Place”.


Ollie at Carmel Place - Micro Apartment - Stage 3 Properties - New York - Entrance - Humble Homes

The apartments are less than 400 square feet in size (37 square meters) and are a direct attempt by the city to find a solution that can – in part – address housing demands. Apartments and homes on this end of the scale were typically associated with small, cramped and overpopulated buildings, but that’s not the case here.


Ollie at Carmel Place - Micro Apartment - Stage 3 Properties - New York - Living Area - Humble Homes

In shedding the “bigger is better” ethos, the designers have created a series of brightly lit accommodations that make use of flexible and multifunctional furniture pieces, makimg small house living more feasible.


Ollie at Carmel Place - Micro Apartment - Stage 3 Properties - New York -Kitchen - Humble Homes

A variety of small space design solutions can be identified from the pictures: they take advantage of vertical storage, use of a lot of white to keep it bright and airy, furniture pieces do double duty, and incorporate built-in storage (as opposed to free-standing units) where possible.

Ollie at Carmel Place - Micro Apartment - Stage 3 Properties - New York -Kitchen and Dining Table - Humble Homes

The apartments in Ollie at Carmel Place contain an entrance hallway from which the bathroom is accessed, and leads into the main living space. The area features a space for everything; the kitchen, a dining area, a study desk, the living room and a bedroom.

Ollie at Carmel Place - Micro Apartment - Stage 3 Properties - New York - Murphy Bed - Humble Homes

The large cabinet with a murphy bed allows the living room to be transformed into the bedroom with ease. And the study desk has a smart pull-out feature, allowing it to act as a dining table when needed. The entire room appears to have only one large window, but is supplemented by artificial lighting. So far there’s been no mention of cost, although I doubt these units are all that cheap given the level of finish and their location.

For more apartments check out Biobombastic from Spain, which features a movable partition. Or, Strict Elegance, an apartment redesign by Batlab. See all small apartments.

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Photos: Mekko Harjo

Niall Burke

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  1. I am a huge fan of going smaller not bigger and I am looking for a way to incorporate this theme somehow into the green NFPO I am trying to start(currently in school), my NFPO is aimed at non-tradionally employable persons such as myself with much left to offer. It never ceases to amaze me what we can live without, clutter, unused space, etc. Your designs show that smaller can still be beautiful, warm, and homey! Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing your inspiration with others!

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