NestHouse by Jonathan Avery is a Modular Tiny House on Wheels

This tiny house on wheels, dubbed NestHouse, has been created by Jonathan Avery of Tiny House Scotland. It’s the first tiny house to be completed by Avery, who aims to combine building science and aesthetics.


NestHouse is the result of over two years of research and development. It’s a highly insulated tiny home, with a very smart interior finish, and a well thought-out layout.



The project was completed in June 2016 and, according to Avery, it’s been a “personal crusade” of his. He’s hoping to introduce people to an alternative, more affordable and environmentally friendly, form of housing. And while tiny houses haven’t quite become as popular in the UK as they are in the US, there is a growing movement.



The house is 3.4-meters wide (11 feet), which is larger than the unrestricted allowable trailer width in the UK. However, as Avery notes, this isn’t a caravan or a camper, but literally a tiny house on wheels. NestHouse weighs anywhere from 5 – 10 tonnes depending on the model and shouldn’t really be lugged around all that often.


NestHouse is a modular design that allows the length of the home to be adjusted to meet the owners spacial requirements. This can give it a floor area ranging from 10 to 60-square-meters (108 to 646-square-feet).


The interior is lined with light wood and white walls. Cool pastels have been used throughout, coating the furniture and storage pieces. The first floor is shared between a living room, dining area and kitchen. A small winding staircase leads up to the loft, which features a relatively spacious bedroom.


NestHouse can also be completed with an off-grid, or hybrid powered, set up – perfect for those that have a more rural site with limited access to the utility grid. Prices for the NestHouse range from £17,000 – £38,000 depending on the particular model and finishes.

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Photos: Tiny House Scotland

Niall Burke

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