A Multifunctional Barn in The Netherlands by Onix

Set among the buildings of an old farmyard in Groningen, The Netherlands, this new barn addition is designed to serve as a multifunctional space for the owners. The architecture studio, Onix, were enlisted to help see through the design and construction of the barn.


Multifunctional Barn - Onix - The Netherland - Small House - Exterior - Humble Homes

The barn has been designed as a separate annexe to the main home and is composed of four main areas – two interior spaces (a workshop and a rabbit hutch) and two exterior spaces (a storage/parking area and a terrace). The workshop and the rabbit hutch are separated by the sheltered storage/parking area.


Multifunctional Barn - Onix - The Netherland - Small House - Living Area - Humble Homes

The workshop is a simple space. The walls are clad with sheets of what looks to be plywood, and the floor is polished concrete. The space mainly left open but there is a small bathroom/sink component and shelving along the length of the right-hand-side wall.


Multifunctional Barn - Onix - The Netherland - Small House - Exterior Night - Humble Homes

The bathroom is rather tiny, with just enough space for an open shower and toilet. Just beyond the bathroom there’s also a unit with small and unusually low sink [Edit: As pointed out to me on Facebook, the bathroom is on a lower level which you step down into, meaning the counter is probably around the usual height – totally missed that one]. The top of this component may also be used for storage (or possibly for sleeping) as there’s a small access ladder built into the frame.

Multifunctional Barn - Onix - The Netherland - Small House - Floor Plan - Humble Homes

The end wall of the annexe is dedicated entirely to window openings, bringing in plenty of natural light. On the outside the barn has been finished with a mixture of seam metal roof/wall sheeting, and timber siding. Exterior lights help to illuminate the barn’s exterior spaces at night, and show off the quality of its design, and materials.

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Photos: Peter van der Knoop

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