Mogo Freedom – A Tiny Gull-Wing Travel Trailer by Matjaz Korosec

This mini “caravan” has been designed by Matjaz Korosec, who wanted to create a lightweight trailer for transporting outdoor gear. The idea took was finally realised in the shape of the Mogo Freedom gull-wing trailer, which not only transports your kit, but also provides a comfortable sleeping space for two.


Mogo Freedom - Travel Trailer - Exterior - Humble Homes

Matjaz, alongside his start-up partners, spent 2014 creating a prototype of the 772-lb Mogo Freedom. The trailer went from being a simple storage unit to a micro retreat that’s perfect for camping and other short vacations.


Mogo Freedom - Travel Trailer - Trailer with Gazebo - Humble Homes

The interior of the trailer is basically empty, intended mostly for storage. During transportation, the bed is raised and stored within the ceiling of the tiny travel trailer. When you arrive at your destination, you can unload the trailer and lower the bed component, helping to keep it clean.


Mogo Freedom - Travel Trailer - Camping - Humble Homes

The floor of the Mogo Freedom contains additional storage compartments for smaller items. The side-walls can be opened up to create a sheltered space underneath the wings, keeping the rain and sun at bay. Add-on items can also be purchased with the trailer, such as an outdoor kitchen, or a small gazebo that attaches itself to the wings.

Mogo Freedom - Travel Trailer - Closed - Humble Homes

All in all, I think the Mogo Freedom is a smart, simple design that lends itself to a variety of uses beyond just camping.

For more tiny trailers that can be towed on the back of a car, check out the luxurious and very expensive UEV440 from Conqueror. Or, The Awning, an award winning micro-camper with fold-down walls. See all camping.

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